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Lanie wants you to post your beaver for her. Post your beaver so she can fuck herself over it. She’s very horny tonight and she wants to fuck herself. She slides a finger deep inside her. Her thumb rubbed her clit. She reaches for her rabbit vibrator and turns it on to full power. She spreads her thighs, and inserts the rabbit shaft into her already wet pussy. She then spreads her things even further so that she is pushing down with all her weight on top of the rabbit, making it go as deep as possible and ensuring the ears are firmly around her clit. Steadily, rhythmically swaying her hips up and down and around, using both her hands to play with her boobs and strokes her stomach and thighs, feel around and pinches her bottom. A few moments later and she is all ready to go. Her body stiffens just before lift off. She clamps her pussy down as firmly as possible around the vibrator, and allow herself to cum. The dam breaks and her pussy unleashes so much juice down the inside of her thighs, it is streaming down. She screams out loudly as she enjoys an awesome orgasm. She cums so hard she practically stopped breathing. She finally stops climaxing, and roll over onto her side and just lies there, breathing heavily, stroking her vagina. She can still hear her vibe going but she lets it, she enjoys hearing it.

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